New program for eliminating single-use plastics in councils

A new program to help local councils identify and eliminate single-use plastics from their workplaces has been published.

The Engagement for Plastic-free innovation and Change (EPIC) program was designed by Plastic Oceans Australasia (POA), and includes:

  • a step-by-step EPIC program manual;

  • access to scientific research and documentaries on plastic pollution, including the award-winning film A Plastic Ocean;

  • four custom workshops run by a POA facilitator;

  • surveys to measure and track changes in workplace plastic habits;

  • plastic waste audit guides and personalised analysis to produce custom data for councils;

  • a database of supply alternatives, including environmental and cost-friendly alternatives;

  • comprehensive procurement support, including unique tips for learning about and changing your procurement;

  • case studies and examples of plastic elimination success; and

  • ongoing advice and support from the POA team throughout the 12-month program.

Council wanting to take the journey towards plastic elimination with POA can register their interest at

The POA website has more information.

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