Queensland waste levy comes online

The Queensland waste levy has come into effect, bringing the state into line with the rest of the country in waste management.

The levy zone includes 39 out of 77 local government areas. This covers around 90 per cent of Queensland’s population and is where the majority of waste is generated and disposed. Waste disposed of in the levy zone, or waste that originates in the levy zone or interstate and is disposed of in the non-levy zone will be liable for the levy.

The waste levy aims to:

  • reduce the amount of waste going to landfill

  • encourage waste avoidance

  • provide a source of funding to enable better resource recovery practices

  • provide certainty and security of feedstocks for advanced technology

  • facilitate industry investment in resource recovery infrastructure.

Between 2019 and 2022, it is expected that 70% of revenue generated through the waste levy will be allocated to advance payments to councils, scheme start-up and operational costs, industry programs and other environmental priorities.

All waste going to landfill in Queensland will incur the relevant levy rate unless the waste is both generated and disposed of in the non-levy zone. There are exemptions for some specific types of waste, such as waste that results from a declared disaster.

Further information about the levy is available here.

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