Melbourne unveils urban forest strategy

Resilient Melbourne and the Nature Conservancy have launched the Living Melbourne strategy aimed at improving the ‘connectivity and extent’ of the city’s urban forests.

The Living Melbourne: our metropolitan urban forest maps the entire city area to better understand where trees exist and why, and what can be done to further protect and expand urban forests.

Living Melbourne is the cumulative result of over two years of collaboration to develop the evidence base and actions required to connect, extend and enhance urban greening across the metropolitan area.

Living Melbourne has been endorsed by 41 organisations representing local government, Victorian government, water authorities, statutory agencies and industry bodies.

Mapping conducted during the strategy development found that Greater Melbourne has 15 per cent total tree canopy cover. Canopy cover is highest in the eastern region (25 per cent), inner south-east region (22 per cent) and lowest in the western region (4 per cent).

The strategy also analysed land surface temperatures to understand where the urban heat island effect had the greatest impact. It found that on average, temperature hot spots occur in areas that have less than three per cent vegetation cover and no tall trees.

More detail on the strategy can be found here.

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