WA EPA launches emissions consultation

The Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority has launched a 12-week round of industry and community consultation on its greenhouse gas emissions assessment guidances.

The EPA’s Chair, Dr Tom Hatton, said the the consultation period will be used to ensure that any future greenhouse gas emissions reductions is informed by a broad section of community and industry.

“We want to ensure the greenhouse gas guidance we use for our assessment of significant proposals in Western Australia is robust and provides an effective framework within which the EPA will consider the greenhouse gas emissions of future proposals,” Dr Hatton said.

Submissions are invited for a period of 12 weeks beginning Monday 10 June, 2019 closing on 2 September, 2019.

Submissions will be reviewed and published online following the consultation period.

The EPA will consider all submissions and prepare new greenhouse gas assessment guidelines which it intends to release later this year.

“During the development of the new guidelines the EPA remains mindful of any outcomes from discussions on greenhouse gas emissions at state and Commonwealth levels, and that any changes will potentially influence the EPA’s consideration of its assessment guidelines,” Dr Hatton said.

Submissions can be found here

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