$329 million for new blue economy CRC

The Federal Government has announced $70 million in funding for the new Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre, which will aim to drive growth in marine-based industries.

The $329 million research project is a 10-year collaboration between 45 national and international partners from industry, research and government, underpinned by a $70 million cash investment from the Federal Government.

The University of Tasmania is set to lead the research, with Vice-Chancellor Professor Rufus Black saying that the new CRC will build on the State’s strengths in aquaculture, offshore engineering and marine renewable energy.

“This is big blue-sky thinking fused with practical, impactful research to answer one of our planet’s most critical questions: how can we sustainably feed and power ourselves from the world’s oceans,” Professor Black said.

“The Blue Economy CRC imagines a future where integrated seafood and renewable energy production systems operate offshore and where the community and industry have confidence that they are safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally responsible.

“This work will leave a compelling legacy of high-impact research, a competitive advantage for Australian industry, and innovation, collaboration and leadership on a global scale.”

The Blue Economy CRC head office will be hosted at the University of Tasmania’s Launceston campus, supporting a research community of 50 PhD students and 50 postdoctoral research fellows throughout Tasmania and with partner organisations nationally and internationally.

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