Poll tracks Australian's appetite for EVs

Two-thirds of Australians say they plan to purchase an electric vehicle in the future, according to a new poll conducted for the Climate Council.

The YouGov Galaxy poll surveyed 861 voters across the nation, with 62% of Australians support a target for electric vehicles, with 44% supporting Labor’s aim for 50% of all new vehicles to be electric by 2030 and 18% believing it should go even further.

“Australians are much more forward-thinking than the Federal Government. They are keen to be part of the electric revolution with one in six people planning to purchase an electric vehicle next time they buy a car,” said Climate Councillor Greg Bourne.

The poll also found that one in two Australians would consider buying an electric car when they become as cheap as petrol cars, which is projected to occur by 2025.

The poll found that two-thirds of Australians believe electric vehicles reduce pollution and are beneficial for people’s health and for the environment. This included 62% of people who identified as Coalition voters.

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