Native wildlife face ‘imminent extinction’

Regional forest agreements have systematically failed to protect the nation’s native wildlife and the forests on which they depend on, a damning new report from the Wilderness Society has found.

The Abandoned – Australia’s forest wildlife in crisis report provides an assessment of Australia’s 11 Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) regions, concluding that 48 Federally listed forest dwelling species face dire threat.

The report identifies four forest species as facing imminent extinction within the coming 20 years.

One in four of the Federally-listed forest dependent species that were first listed 20 years ago are now closer to extinction now than when the agreements were first signed in the late 1990s.

In its reporting, the Wilderness Society is calling for an end to logging excemptions provided by the Federal Government.

"The report calls on the next Australian government to commit to a policy that no more of Australia's unique wildlife species will be allowed to go extinct, and to ensure, backed by the necessary laws and resources, that this policy is fulfilled," said the Wilderness Society's national forest campaigner, Peter Roberston.

The full report can be found here

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