Littleproud backs forest carbon credits

Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has publicly backed a proposal that would see Victoria earn carbon credits by winding back logging and improving forest conservation.

Citing concerns over the future of Australian beekeeping, Mr Littleproud backed the idea of supporting farmers and beekeepers through better land management as ‘common sense’ in an interview with ABC/Guardian earlier this week.

However in a subsequent statement, Mr Littleproud stressed he had ‘never, ever pushed in any way an exit from native forest harvest’.

"I have never ever heard of nor discussed any plan to exit native forest logging, ever,” Mr Littleproud said.

"In line with industry requests, I said exploring a carbon methodology for native forest logging was sensible, and noted this was in the remit of the Environment Minister, not my own. Industry have assured my office this morning it also believes exploring this is sensible.

"I also said beekeepers, responsible for so much of our food, must have their needs taken into account when harvest agreements and arrangements are negotiated given the huge reliance bees have on native forest. This is a commonsense suggestion."

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