Rooftop solar rates continue to climb

Rooftop solar is now generating 4% of the nation’s electricity, with the vast majority coming from the residential sector, according to new data released by The Australia Institute (TAI).

The Institute’s National Energy Emissions Audit shows a steady decrease in emissions in the national energy market (NEM), with falling brown coal generation the main contributing factor as renewables account for a larger portion of overall generation.

Rooftop solar has been a great success story and now amounts to over 7.5 TWh per year, equivalent to over 4% of the total electricity used in the NEM. In addition to powering homes, they continue to assist the grid by reducing peak demand on very hot days,” says Dr Hugh Saddler, energy expert and report author.

“Renewables are now at 21.2% of the electricity generated on the national grid however their growth is currently slowing as they struggle with network constraints.

“For the past three years there has been no sustained change to electricity demand on the NEM, with most of the new renewables generation replacing gas and lowering electricity sector emissions.

The Institute took aim at the ‘lack of policy constraints’ that have enabled the nation’s transport emissions to continue to increase sharply.

“We still have a major problem with growing transport emissions and any future Government must prioritise fuel efficiency standards,” Dr Saddler said.

“Efforts to prioritise fuel efficiency standards have dragged on for years and made little progress, leaving Australia firmly in the minority 20% of countries with no standards and costing Australians more per kilometre travelled.”

The full audit can be found here

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