Food Waste Baseline report reveals household waste

New research shows that Australians created 7.3 million tonnes of food waste across the food supply and consumption chain in 2016-17, the equivalent of 298 kilograms per person.

The figure is among the headline findings of the National Food Waste Baseline report that has researched the amount of food Australia sent to waste each year.

While we recycled 1.2 million tonnes of total food waste in 2016-17 and recovered 2.9 million tonnes through alternative uses, Australians disposed 3.2 million tonnes of food waste.

Consulting with industry organisations, the report authors found that 65 per cent of food waste came from either household food scraps going to landfill or agricultural harvest-ready produce that was either not picked or ploughed in.

2.5 million tonnes (34 per cent) of food waste was generated by households; primary production and agricultural pursuits created 2.3 million tonnes (31 per cent); and 1.8 million tonnes (25 per cent) was created by the manufacturing sector.

The report's headline findings are available here. The full report will be published in coming weeks.

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