Queensland passes waste levy

The Queensland Parliament has passed the state’s new Waste Reduction and Recycling legislation, putting in place a levy on waste dumping as of July 1 this year.

State Minister for Environment Leeane Enoch said that the passing of the bill will stop the extensive movement of waste into Queensland from interstate.

“Thanks to these new laws we will be able to improve our waste management, stop interstate waste, increase investment in industry, and create more jobs while protecting the environment,” Ms Enoch said.

Since the repeal of the previous levy in 2012, Queensland has seen some 3.7 million tonnes of waste trucked into the state.

Ms Enoch was quick to assure the local government sector that the new levy will not translate to higher waste management costs, saying that that 70% of all funds raised from the new levy will be funnelled through to local councils.

Ms Enoch also said that the new levy will fund from the levy include compliance work to reduce the risk of litter and illegal dumping, a school-based education program to help our kids learn about recycling, a regional recycling transport assistance program and support for the construction industry.

The Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia welcomed the passage of the bill, with CEO Gayle Sloan saying the plan will have a variety of benefits for the state’s environment and economic health.

“With the legislation now in place the Queensland Government can kick this into gear so that we can start to create jobs and investment in the state and fall in step with the rest of Australia in transitioning to a circular economy,” Ms Sloan said.

The levy will begin on 1 July 2019 at a rate of $75 per tonne for general waste, $155 per tonne for Category 1 regulated waste and $105 per tonne for Category 2 regulated waste.

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