Government promises stronger protection for threatened species

The Federal Government has announced a new series of recovery plans to assist a number of endangered species following the devastation of Queensland’s Spectacled Flying Fox numbers.

Environment Minister Melissa Price said that the transfer of the Spectacled Flying Fox to the Endangered category comes after data released by the CSIRO tracked the precipitous decline in numbers due to the drought.

“The uplisting of the Spectacled Flying-fox reflects the Government's heightened concern for its future, given that the population has halved in the past decade, and was heavily impacted by a recent heat stress event in north Queensland. It is important that we work with the Queensland Government and the broader community to conserve this species,” Ms Price said in a statement.

The announcement comes after the Federal Government made a number of appointments to the Threatened Species Scientific Committee.

“I have strengthened the Committee's ability to provide advice that draws on Indigenous knowledge and helps land managers to care for their country by appointing Ms Cissy Gore-Birch, a Jaru/Kija woman from Western Australia, and Dr Richard Harper from the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences at Murdoch University,” Ms Price said.

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