Rebranding of waste management association

The Waste Management Association of Australia has rebranded itself as the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia (WMRR).

The association says the new name, chosen and adopted by the membership, reflects the needs of the diverse membership base.

The association has also announced plans for a Resource Recovery and Market Development working group to operate out of all states, as well as the formation of an Energy from Waste working group.

“Our working groups and Branch Committees form the backbone of the association and in 2019, they will continue to collaborate through a variety of forums such as networking events and meetings, as well as influence policy settings through a raft of important measures, from policy submissions to position papers,” WMRR CEO Ms Gayle Sloan said.

“Another initiative to look forward to is the development of an accreditation program to develop the industry’s professional skills and recruitment of a Training and Development Manager will soon commence,” Ms Sloan added.

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