Top scientists publish book on coastal conservation

A group of over 150 top researchers and climatologists have published a new book demonstrating how to protect coastal and estuarine areas from the pressures of climate change and human population increases.

The research details how coasts and estuaries worldwide play host to around 40% of the world’s population, but are under the threat of the ‘triple whammy’ of increased urbanization, decreased access to key resources and increasing threats of climate change.

James Cook University Professor and lead editor Eric Wolanski said that the triple threat will disproportionately affect the world’s poorest, but wealthier areas certainly won’t be spared.

“Climate changes will destroy communities in the southern US as well as the Bangladesh flood plain,” he said.

“The book shows how we can both protect and maintain the natural system and also allow these coasts and estuaries to deliver services which produce societal goods and benefits.

“It’s intended as a wake-up call to policy-makers and politicians who say they want a future which protects human safety, the economy and nature, while providing sustainable solutions. If that’s true, then this book shows you what you do to get that,” said Professor Polanski.

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