Hindu Kush permafrost in dire threat, finds report

One third of the Himalayan permafrost is under dire threat in the face of climate change, a new report has found.

A changing climate and the gradual erosion of the key cryosphere of the area will have severe consequences on agriculture, business and the broader environment, with dependable snow melt providing a crucial source of water for downstream communities.

The report expressed a ‘high confidence’ that snow volumes will decrease rapidly in the Himalayan area over the coming decades, and that the snowline elevations will rise significantly.

The report also found that glaciers have thinned, retreated and lost significant amounts of mass since the 1970s across the majority of the Hindu Kush area.

The report recommended urgent international action to mitigate climate change in a bid to slow down the rapid permafrost loss.

The full report can be found here

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