Senate releases EV report

The Senate has handed down its first report into electric vehicles, containing a 17 major recommendations for the future of rolling out the vehicles.

The Senate Select Committee on Electric Vehicles has urged the Australian Government to develop a broad, national EV strategy to accelerate sales and uptake of EVs, and to ensure that the country is well placed to manage the risks and opportunities in the future transition.

The committee also called for an introduction of a hard vehicle target, to be supported by a national EV Government fleet. The committee also argued for an introduction for a more stringent electric vehicle emissions standards.

The Electric Vehicle Council (EVC) welcomed the report, with CEO Behyad Jafari saying that the Senate’s report provides an excellent blueprint for rolling out a broader EV strategy.

“We should seize this momentum and push forward. With a federal election looming, both major parties have the opportunity to embrace these recommendations as part of their platform. A bold approach would greatly improve the lives of all Australians, especially in our major cities,” Mr Jafari said.

“The benefits of a mass switch to electric vehicles are broad and deep. Cost of living pressure would ease if we broke our dependence on the bowser. Carbon emissions would drop. And if the smoke and noise of combustion engines was phased out, our cities would become healthy and beautiful places to live.”

The full report can be found here

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