MDBA acknowledges risks and progress

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s Chair Neil Andrew has acknowledged the pressing issues of the worsening drought conditions effected the country’s eastern seaboard at the Authority's latest meeting.

"The Authority board is very aware of the dry conditions across much of eastern Australia, and the Basin," Mr Andrew said.

Mr Andrew welcomed the latest rains in the South East, the drought is far from being broken. He also used the address to press home the importance of increasing resilience in the agricultural areas.

"The Basin Plan helps prepare us for drought by ensuring water is shared fairly between all water users,” Mr Andrew said.

"That's a core reason behind the Authority board urging all jurisdictions—and the MDBA and Commonwealth—to continue to make every effort to implement the Plan.

"The board recognises state governments are working hard to deliver the Water Resource Plans to the MDBA for accreditation assessment. These plans set out the rules for how the Basin will be managed.”

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