Perth’s water usage blows out as climate change bites

The Western Australian Government has urged Perth residents to significantly reduce their water usage this Spring, with the city consuming five billion litres more than forecast over the July to October period.

State Minister for Water Dave Kelly said that the city’s daily water usage was 703 million litres, which was well above the forecast of 681 million litres.

Mr Kelly said that climate change has reduced rainfall in the south-west of WA significantly, with about 80 per cent less water running into Perth dams than there was 40 years ago.

"Climate change means every drop of water is precious and so I encourage everyone to take the pledge,” Mr Kelly said.

As a result, almost half of Perth's water is now manufactured through seawater desalination and groundwater replenishment - sources independent of rainfall. The rest of Perth's water supply comes from groundwater, with just a small percentage from rainfall in the city’s dams.

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