Move now on electric cars, says Infrastructure Victoria

The Victorian Government and private sectors should move immediately to ensure driverless and low emissions vehicles are rolled out to ensure the state reaps the “unprecedented benefits” for the economy, environment and community a new report has found.

Infrastructure Victoria’s Advice on Automated and Zero Emissions Vehicles Infrastructure report outlines how both the private and public sectors can ensure that the state positions itself to realise the significant potential of these new vehicles.

“Our research found these vehicles could significantly reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, dramatically improve access to services, avoid car accidents caused by human error and add almost $15 billion per year to the economy,” Infrastructure Victoria CEO Michel Masson said.

Infrastructure Victoria’s advice indicates that while Victoria is well placed for the roll out of new vehicles, significant investment from both government and the private sector will be required to fully maximise their potential.

This includes:

  • Up to $1.7 billion to upgrade mobile networks

  • Around $250 million for improved line markings on roads

  • At least $2.2 billion for energy network upgrades

“Our work highlights the increasing interdependencies between the transport and energy sectors,” Mr Masson said.

“In the future, it will no longer be possible to talk about one without the other.”

Infrastructure Victoria’s advice includes 17 recommendations, many for immediate action.

The report also recognises that one of the biggest challenges facing government is public sentiment and people’s willingness to try and accept new technology.

“There are many uncertainties and challenges but the expected benefits cannot be ignored – this technology could potentially be the biggest transformation to the state since the arrival of the car itself,” Mr Masson said.

The full report can be found here

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