Covenant of Mayors launches city research project to boost climate action

The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GcoM) has announced a new program, the Innovate4Cities global climate action accelerator which identifies city research and innovation priorities based on specific opportunities for collaboration with business, academic and government communities.

In a new partnership with Google and Bloomberg Philanthropies, Google’s proprietary data and technological capabilities will provide cities with information about their environmental data and develop new tools to enable them to access new city-level climate data.

The partnership builds on the Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE), a new tool released in beta with 5 global pilot cities by Google and GCoM last month at the Global Climate Action Summit.

The EIE tool will enable local governments to instantly and freely access the data they need to develop city greenhouse gas emissions inventories – a process that used to take a city between $250,000-$700,000 and anywhere from 1-2 years.

Innovate4Cities calls upon:

● National Governments: to allocate at least one-third of their Research & Development budgets to address city priorities;

● Academia: to recruit 10 million new students and adopt new models of interdisciplinary learning, knowledge creation and problem solving;

● Private Sector: to generate economic, environment and institutional capacity, by, for example, unlocking proprietary data as Google has done, in ways that provide a public benefit;

● Cities and Local Governments to signal and share their additional research, data and technological needs, working iteratively with all stakeholders and sending a collective market signal for additional investment in cities.

More information about Innovate4Cities is here.

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