Support for Adani water license dries up

A new poll has found that an overwhelming majority of Queenslanders want the State Government to rescind the 60-year, unlimited water extraction license granted to the Adani mining company for its Carmichael coalmine.

The ReachTel poll, conducted for environmental group Lock the Gate, found that concern about the water extraction by Adani has lead to almost 70% of all participants wanting the agreement to be revoked.

The poll found that nearly half of all Liberal National party voters, and three quarters of One Nation voters, wanted the agreement torn up.

“This is another special deal for Adani that puts our water resources at risk during a terrible drought and hangs Queensland graziers and communities out to dry,” said Carmel Flint, spokesperson for Lock the Gate Alliance.

“The Minister has ignored the federal water trigger which exists specifically to address the impacts of mining on our precious water resources.

“We have no doubt this has been rushed through to enable Adani to push ahead with its mine, even though we simply don’t know what the impacts on our river systems will be.

“In the past, water pipelines a tiny fraction the size of the Adani pipeline have been forced to conduct full environmental impact assessments, so letting Adani off without doing the research needed is an absolute disgrace,” Ms Flint said.

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