UN reports on climate change impacts on global farming

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization has released a new report detailing how the world’s agriculture sector will be impacted by climate change.

The State of the Agriculture Commodity Markets 2018 report outlines the relationship between agriculture, climate change and food security.

The report outlines a long-term projection in which different parts of the world can expect to experience dramatically different changes to their agriculture yields, with Africa, Asia and the Pacific all expected to experience moderate to severe decreases in output by 2050.

“Climate change will have an increasingly adverse impact on many regions of the world, with those in low latitudes being hit the hardest. This means that countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, many of which already suffer from poverty, food insecurity and various forms of malnutrition, will be disproportionately at risk,” the report found.

However, the report also found that the booming yields expected in Europe and North America could offset the changing yields.

“International trade has the potential to stabilize markets and reallocate food from surplus to deficit regions, helping countries adapt to climate change and contribute towards food security,” the report concluded.

The full report can be found here

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