Queensland announces Drought Program review

The Queensland state government has commissioned a review into the state’s Drought Program in anticipation of the next major drought episode.

In announcing the review, state Minister for Agricultural Industry Development Mark Furner said the aim was to improve general resilience and assistance for the state’s farmers.

“Droughts are part of life in Queensland and our producers are very experienced with the big droughts and the big floods that often end them,” Mr Furner said.

“However even the most resilient and well-prepared producer and their community can struggle in a crippling and prolonged long drought such as this one.

Mr Furner said Ruth Wade and Charles Burke were appointed to run the review to identify potential improvements for future droughts in line with national drought policy.

“Ms Wade and Mr Burke have a strong industry background and understanding of the pressures of drought visits on rural communities, being former Chief Executive Officers of the Queensland Farmers Federation (QFF) and AgForce Queensland respectively,” he said.

“The panel will hold forums in six regional centres and will seek written submissions through the drought program review website throughout September and October 2018. Details on how to make submissions will be online from mid-September.

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