Hydrogen industry set to boom

The Australian hydrogen industry is poised to boom, according to the CSIRO’s National Hydrogen Roadmap.

According to the roadmap, technologies driving the industry growth are reaching maturity, with the report noting a shift from research and development focus to market activation.

The CSIRO says that the industry could provide a significant new export industry for the economy, with new technologies enabling a rapid decarbonisation of major sectors of the economy.

While the roadmap notes that the benefits are clear, current barriers to market activation include a lack of supporting infrastructure such as hydrogen refuelling stations for transport, and the cost of hydrogen supply for some applications.

The CSIRO has called for an appropriate policy framework to create a ‘market pull’ factor for the technology.

CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Larry Marshall described the Roadmap as a unique opportunity.

"Australia has a unique and urgent opportunity to turn significant natural resources, including coal, gas, and renewables like solar and wind energy, into a low-emissions energy product and ship it around the world – in some cases literally exporting Aussie sunshine," Dr Marshall said.

"CSIRO is at the forefront of innovation with our partners in industry, government and the research sector, like our recently developed, world-first membrane to separate hydrogen from ammonia for fuel cell vehicles.

"This National Hydrogen Roadmap provides a blueprint for growing Australia's hydrogen industry through coordinated investment to be globally competitive."

The framework can be found here

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