New partnership to combat aquatic pollution

A new $5 million partnership between RMIT University and Melbourne Water will help combat pollution in Australia’s waterways and bays.

The partnership will see leading experts in aquatic ecology and pollution research collaborate to investigate new ways to protect Melbourne’s waterways and ensure their long-term health and viability.

RMIT’s Pro Vice-Chancellor Science, Engineering and Health, Professor Peter Coloe, said RMIT University was delighted to be a part of the five-year collaboration with Melbourne Water.

“The growing pressure from increasing population and urban development means it is vital to gain a greater understanding of current, new and emerging aquatic pollutants.

“Understanding how toxic chemicals and other pollutants are affecting our ecosystems, plants and animals is a key concern for us.

“We are looking forward to working with Melbourne Water to develop innovative ways to minimise the detrimental effects of aquatic pollutants and to boost the health of our community’s lifeblood - our waterways.”

Senior researcher, Dr Vincent Pettigrove, will lead the research team, along with RMIT University Professor of Ecotoxicology, Dayanthi Nugegoda.

“Professor Nugegoda and Dr Vincent Pettigrove share an excellent track record in environmental toxicology and this partnership will build on their extensive scientific expertise and research success in this area,” said Professor Coloe.

Key elements of the research will include:

  • Investigating pollutants including pesticides, industrial pollutants, and subtle and emerging pollutants such as nanoparticles and pharmaceuticals.

  • Developing new ways to monitor and assess the risk of aquatic pollution.

  • Focusing on chemicals that affect aquatic plants and animals.

  • Identifying effective options to reduce aquatic pollution in waterways.

The partnership will include a new research centre for aquatic pollution located at RMIT University’s School of Science, Bundoora West Campus.

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