Climate Change Authority calls for input on review of greenhouse and energy laws

The Climate Change Authority is calling for submissions to its review of the operation of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting legislation.

The Chair of the Climate Change Authority, Dr Wendy Craik, said ‘Now that energy and emissions reporting has been in place for a decade, it’s a good opportunity to see how it is working and to consider if any improvements are needed.

"The Authority is particularly interested in how the energy and emissions data is being used and whether the increased awareness of firms’ emissions and energy use has led to improvements in the way they are managed."

Under the legislation, companies measure and report their greenhouse gas emissions and energy production and use. It covers around 800 companies and 60 per cent of Australia’s emissions. Some of this energy and emissions data is published online and used by companies, governments and other decision makers.

The legislation also underpins the safeguard mechanism, which places limits on emissions from facilities and provides a framework for companies to measure, report and manage their emissions.

The third component of the legislation is the greenhouse and energy auditing framework. This is an important part of the compliance regime applying to audits under the reporting scheme, the safeguard and other climate change policies such as the Emissions Reduction Fund and the Renewable Energy Target.

"Stakeholder contributions will inform the Authority’s final review report, which is due by the end of this year," Dr Craik said.

The Authority is required under the legislation to review its operation by 31 December 2018 and every five years after that. This is the first review of the legislation.

Submissions are due by 11 September 2018.

A consultation paper on the review is available here.

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