Future Battery Industries CRC proposed

A proposal for a Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre (FBI CRC) is being developed to undertake industry-focused research into opportunities for Australia to participate at all levels of the battery industries value chain and maximise returns from its new energy materials.

As economies around the world decarbonise, demand for energy products using new energy materials is forecast to increase 10-fold by 2030. Australia is abundantly rich in the new energy materials (e.g. lithium, vanadium, nickel, cobalt, Rare Earth Elements (REEs) and graphite) that are fundamental to future battery industries.

The proposed CRC would connect Australia's research capability with industry needs to build knowledge, and develop processes and battery applications using Australia’s new energy materials.

At the end of stage one of the bid on July 3 this year, industry and research institutions had committed about $27 million and if successful in the CRC funding round, the Federal Government would invest $25 million.

The WA Government has committed $6 million towards the centre which would be headquartered in Perth. A final decision is expected in the first quarter of 2019.

More information about the proposal is here.

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