ACT Scientific Committee appointed

Seven scientists have been appointed by the ACT Government to form the ACT’s Scientific Committee for the next three years.

The Scientific Committee advises the Minister for the Environment and Heritage Mick Gentleman the Environment and Heritage Mick Gentleman.

The current Chair of the Scientific Committee, Distinguished Professor Arthur Georges, will be continuing in his role as Chair for another three year term.

Other members of the Committee are:

  • Honorary Professor Penny Olsen (Deputy Chair), a research scientist and author. Her expertise is in birds but her experience and interests are broad; ranging from wildlife management to behavioural ecology.

  • Dr Barry Richardson is a researcher with a broad background including in conservation genetics and conservation policy. He also has experience in environmental research and taxonomic revisions for a number of species including mammals, fish and invertebrates.

  • Assistant Professor Jasmyn Lynch is a conservation ecologist with expertise in conservation biology, plant ecology, rare and threatened plant species, recovery planning and botanical survey work.

  • Associate Professor Mark Lintermans with expertise in ecology and the management of aquatic systems, fish, waterbirds and wetlands.

  • Dr Kenneth Hodgkinson, grasslands ecology, currently researching the restoration of Natural Temperate Grasslands and woodlands of the ACT in projects conducted by the Ginninderra Catchment Group.

  • Dr Chloe Sato, ecology and biodiversity conservation specialising in reptiles and amphibians, vegetation ecology, alpine-subalpine ecosystems, and box-gum grassy woodlands, especially in the ACT context.

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