City of Melbourne canvasses options for recycling

The City of Melbourne has released a discussion paper, Current Recycling Challenges, as part of its consultation on the Draft Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030.

Releasing the discussion paper, Chair of the Environment portfolio Councillor Cathy Oke said the impact of China's recent restrictions on recycled imports had reached the City of Melbourne and costs for sorting and processing of recyclables from kerbside collections had risen.

Outlining the current issues, the paper noted that where once the City of Melbourne had been paid for its recyclables, it was now required to pay SKM Recycling for its operations.

The paper outlined what other states and cities are doing to deal with the cost of recycling, and put forward a number of possible responses for comment.

These include:

  • Manufacturers and retailers required to take back their waste.

  • A container deposit scheme for Victoria.

  • Only certain types of packaging allowed to be sold in City of Melbourne.

  • A tax on ‘virgin’ plastics, paper, metals

  • Stop recycling low value materials and switched to waste to energy

The discussion paper is available here

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