Victoria announces $37m Recycling Industry Strategic Plan

The Victorian Government has announced a $37 million Recycling Industry Strategic Plan aimed at improving the State's recycling system in the medium to long term.

As part of the plan, the Government will help drive greater demand for products containing recycled materials through procurement.

Sustainability Victoria, in consultation with the Department of Treasury and Finance, will assist government departments and agencies to identify opportunities and develop their own targets to increase procurement of recycled content.

It will boost investment in recycling infrastructure through an $8.3 million expansion to the Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund.

A further $2 million will go towards market development for recycled materials by identifying new and innovative uses – boosting the current market development program to $4.5 million.

An education program will improve understanding of what can and can’t be recycled, to help reduce the contamination of kerbside recycling. This has the potential to reduce the amount of contaminated recycling going to landfill, by around 40,000 tonnes each year.

The Landfill Levy Relief Program will also receive an $800,000 boost to ensure the National Association of Charitable Recyclers can continue to ensure that charities can focus their efforts on charitable work.

The plan includes the $13 million temporary relief package announced in February for councils and industry to support the ongoing kerbside collection of household recyclable waste, following China’s decision to restrict the import of recyclable materials.

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