Threatened species list grows while biodiversity staff slashed

An additional 41 species have been included on the EPBC Act list of threatened species, with just three species removed from the list.

There are now 511 species on the list of threatened fauna, and 1355 species on the list of threatened flora.

The announcement of the amended list by the Federal Environment Minister, Josh Frydenberg, came a week after the ABC revealed that the federal Department of Environment will lost up to 60 or one-third of its staff working in the biodiversity and conservation division in the next financial year. The division manages the listings of threatened species and their recovery plans, devises Australia's national biodiversity strategy, and coordinates action around the country against invasive species and other biosecurity threats.

Inteviewed by the ABC, Professor David Lindenmayer, an ecologist from the Australian National University, said the cuts "an absolute calamity for the Australian environment and for the conservation of Australia's ecosystems and threatened species".

Information about the new inclusions on the threatened species list is available here.

Photo: Black-tailed dusky antechinus, discovered by QUT mammologist, Dr Andrew Baker, and his team in 2013

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