Queensland seeks zero landfill solution to recycling

The Queensland Government has announced it will work with councils and industry to prevent recyclable waste being dumped in landfill following the recent decision by Ipswich City Council to abandon recycling.

Initiatives will include bringing forward the waste levy, incentivising the recycling industry to scale up and encouraging waste-to-energy enterprises to set up in Queensland.

Minister for Environment Leeanne Enoch said the government is designing a comprehensive waste management strategy, alongside the waste levy, to encourage investment and innovation in the industry.

A waste to energy strategy, adopting world class technology, is also planned.

Local Government Association of Queensland, Chief Executive Officer, Greg Hallam, said that Queensland councils now have a clear signal that they can stockpile waste for the short to medium term.

“This waste can then be used to feed environmentally sustainable plants when they are built, which will greatly reduce landfill. Our hope is to eventually close landfill sites across the state altogether,” he said.

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