Doctors call for creation of National Environment Commission

A doctors’ group, Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA), has called for the establishment of an independent statutory authority much like the Reserve Bank to provide strong climate action based on consensus scientific and technological expertise to meet the unprecedented threats of climate change to human health and survival.

DEA’s vision is that a National Environment Commission would have the overall responsibility for ensuring some climate laws and mechanisms to reduce emissions and address related health measures.

“Climate change is a complex science requiring knowledge and understanding,” says DEA spokesperson Dr David Shearman.

“A commission would ensure we’d have no more political back flips, just sound policy.”

Like the Reserve Bank, the proposed Commission would be underpinned by legislation and would comprise independent experts appointed by government from a range of disciplines, including health.

These experts would analyse the science and technology, and the necessary outcomes would be delivered by governments and Ministers via a new National Environmental Protection Authority.

The Commission would also have power to set binding national air pollution standards to uniformly protect communities from pollution across Australia and make a national plan to protect threatened species and vital national resources, such as the Murray River.

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