Darebin bans single-use plastic on council land

Darebin City Council in Melbourne's north has voted to ban the use or sale on council land of balloons, single use plastic bags, disposable food containers, cutlery, plates, straws and cups.

The ban will be phased in over two years for sporting clubs and leisure facilities, and exemptions will be considered for events where disposable plastic is unavoidable for health and safety reasons.

The Single Use Plastics Free Events Policy, approved at the council's meeting this week, applies to all civic, commercial or community events; all large and small scale events, meetings, functions, workshops, markets, festivals, expos, parties, information sessions, conferences and organised/formal sport or recreational events.

It states that:

  • Single-use plastic bags are not to be used, sold or distributed for transportation or promotional purposes;

  • Single-use plastic plates, bowls, cups, straws, cutlery and take away food containers are not to be used, sold or distributed;

  • Bottled water is not to be provided, sold or distributed by Council. Alternative, free access to water must be provided;

  • Single-use disposable cups and lids are not to be used, sold or distributed by Council;

  • All avoidable plastic packaging, including cling wrap, plastic bags or similar must not be used in the purchase, sale, distribution and transport of food or goods;

  • Balloons are not to be used, sold or distributed

  • Event materials are to be reused where possible (including event signage and promotional banners and flags);

  • The event site or venue must be left litter free and returned to pre-event conditions; and

  • Event organisers must play a key role in educating and guiding their event staff and audience on single-use plastic free practices. This includes considering whether single-use plastic items are needed in the first instance, providing useful information, and promoting reusable alternatives.

More information is here.

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