SA government releases 30-year waste and resource recovery plan

The South Australian Government has released a 30-year infrastructure plan for the waster and resource recovery sector which it claims could deliver $660.5 million in GSP and nearly 5,000 full-time jobs.

The Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan comprises detailed metropolitan and regional profiles that analyse needs, opportunities and challenges.

New infrastructure required will include transport and processing equipment, bins, covered compost facilities and new monitoring technologies, as well as soft infrastructure such as training, market development, and integrated waste data systems, and is expected to create 4,969 full-time jobs.

The plan models projections for future trends in waste generation, recovery and landfill, potential infrastructure needs and associated investment using a 10-year and a 30-year scenario.

The scenario based on moderate diversion over the next 10 years estimates an additional $113.9 million in GSP and an additional 1,035 full time equivalent (FTE) jobs. The 30-year high-diversion scenario estimates an additional $660.5 million in GSP and additional 4,969 FTE jobs.

The waste and resource recovery industry has an annual turnover of about $1 billion, contributes $500 million to Gross State Product (directly and indirectly) and employs about 5,000 people across the State.

The Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan can be found here.

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