Call for comment on draft ACT aquatic and riparian conservation strategy

The ACT Government has called for comment on the draft 2018 Aquatic and Riparian Conservation Strategy, released by the Conservator for Flora and Fauna.

The consultation includes associated action plans for five threatened fish and two threatened plant species - the Tuggeranong Lignum and Murrumbidgee Bossiaea - which are found only in the ACT.

The draft strategy builds on the original 2007 strategy by providing a regional approach to conservation and management of these environments and addressing current and future issues with best-practice conservation and management strategies.

The strategy provides conservation management guidelines for the protection and enhancement of river areas; identifies threats and provides guidelines for threat management; outlines monitoring and research objectives; provides the strategic context for the action plans; and suggests strategies to increase community awareness and involvement.

The draft 2018 Aquatic and Riparian Conservation Strategy and action plans are open for comment until 11 March 2018 on

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