NSW government calls for comment on overhaul of environmental planning policy

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has released a new draft State Environmental Planning Policy (Environment) that will combine seven existing SEPPs and incorporate revisions to current SEPPs to remove unnecessary or outdated policy, address emerging issues and locate provisions in the most appropriate level of the planning system.

The new SEPP contains a single set of planning provisions for: catchments; waterways; bushland; and protected areas.

It continues existing protections for the Sydney Drinking Water Catchment, and provides consolidated heads of consideration for assessment of Development Applications that will continue to protect Sydney Harbour Catchment, Hawkesbury Nepean River Catchment and Georges River Catchment.

It has provisions to improve protection of Sydney Harbour,public urban bushland and urban bushland in the Sydney metropolitan area, and improved protections for Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area.

Submission on the proposed reforms are due by 15 January, 2018.

More information is here.

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