Call for submissions to waste and recycling industry inquiry

The Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications is conducting an inquiry into the waste and recycling industry, including issues relating to landfill, markets for recycled waste and the role of the Australian Government in providing a coherent approach to the management of solid waste.

Submissions are due by Friday October 20. To date, only three submissions have been made to the enquiry.

Under its terms of reference, the Committee is investigating:

  • the quantity of solid waste generated and the rate of diversion of solid waste for recycling;

  • the accreditation and management of landfills;

  • the extent of illegal landfilling;

  • the role of landfill levies in determining the end destination of material, including the hypothecation of collected levies for enforcement and waste diversion purposes;

  • the role of different incentives and collection methods in determining the quality and quantity of material collected for recycling;

  • the destination of material collected for recycling, including the extent of material reprocessing and the stockpiling of collected material;

  • the current economic conditions in the industry, including the market for material collected for recycling;

  • the transportation of solid waste across state boundaries;

  • the role of the Australian Government in providing a coherent, efficient and environmentally responsible approach to solid waste management, including by facilitating a federal approach; and

  • any other related matters.

The Committee is due to report by November 29.You can find more information or make a submission here.

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