Funding for new invasive species research centre

Funding of $20 million has been provided through phase two of the National Landcare Program for a new Centre for Invasive Species Solutions, that will follow on from the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre.

The CRC has been funded for ten years under the Cooperative Research Centres program. Its achievements include:

  • On track to release the first new rabbit biocontrol in 20 years

  • Developed a new superior freeze-dried delivery system for RHDV that will be easier and cheaper for land managers to use for rabbit control.

  • On track to release Australia’s first carp biocontrol agent

  • Advancing new cutting-edge genetic detection tools to detect invasive predators and highly invasive

  • Delivered the world’s first manufactured feral pig bait (PIGOUT) and pig specific bait delivery system – the HOGHOPPER.

  • Developed a wild dog and fox toxin and manufactured bait (PAPP) with a vet administered BLUEHEALER antidote.

  • Community focused solutions that work – facilitating regional cross-tenure approaches and ‘citizen science’ mapping apps for species such as wild dogs and mice.

  • Provide a one-stop-shop of knowledge products for best practice management of pest animals through the ‘PestSmart Connect’ website.

  • Developing innovative community engagement tools and approaches to enable effective community-led management

The research of the new centre will fall into two broad groups:

  • Prevention, incursions response and eradication

  • Integrated landscape management to protect assets from established pests.

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