Report shows increasing Australian emissions set to exceed Paris target

Carbon, energy and sustainability consultancy, NDEVR Environmental, has released its latest quarterly report on Australia's emissions, finding that for the 2017 financial year, our total emissions were 9.1 MtCO2-e more than the previous financial year, and will exceed the Paris Emission Reduction Target by 5.53 MtCO2-e

The Ndevr Environmental report tracks Australia’s performance against the Climate Change Authority's (CCA) carbon budget based on the latest available data, trends and industry movements for the months of April, May and June 2017.

Other findings include:

  • Emissions for Q4/FY2017 are projected at 137.5 MtCO2-e, a decrease of 1.24 MtCO2-e on last quarter’s result. Importantly, an increase of 3.06 MtCO2-e on the same time last year was noted;

  • Emissions this quarter exceed the Paris Emission Reduction Target (to which the Australian Government has committed) by 5.53 MtCO2-e and Science Based Targets (proposed by the CCA) by 14.74 MtCO2-e. If Australia continues on its current emissions trajectory, then by 2030 Australia will exceed the Paris ERT by almost 1,500 MtCO2-e. This is equal to 2.7 years of Australia's entire national emissions.

  • Electricity sector emissions fell on last quarter’s result, mainly attributable to the closure of Victoria’s Hazelwood brown coal-fired plant and increased generation from cleaner hydro and gas assets. Stationary energy, transport and fugitive sector emissions all increased.

More detailed information from the report is available here.

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