Landfill site to generate electricity from two sources

The Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority has plans to generate electricity at its Uleybury Landfill site from two very different sources – methane gas and solar.

In a first for Australia, a new plant that converts methane gas extracted from decomposing rubbish to electricity will be integrated with a solar farm to produce renewable energy around the clock. The methane generator uses a novel system for baling domestic and industrial waste into dense blocks prior to it being transported to the Uleybury site.

The Authority, which was set up by Gawler, Salisbury and Playford councils to manage garbage, recycling and green waste collection, is developing the 1.15MW solar farm with Adelaide company, Joule Energy, locating 11,000 solar panels on the Uleybury landfill site.

The total energy to be generated from both sources will be over 11,000MW hours per annum, to be fed into the grid.

The NAWMA landfill was granted accreditation as a Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) project in December 2013.

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