Call for feedback on National Cities Performance Framework

The Federal Government has released its National Cities Performance Framework interim report, setting out a means of evaluating the performance of, initially, Australia's largest 21 cities (population over 85,000) and Western Sydney.

Liveability and Sustainability are amongst the set of six policy priorities, and this policy area includes safety, social cohesion and health in our cities as well as improve air quality, access to green space and active transport, while acting to reduce carbon emissions.

Once completed in late 2017, the Framework will provide online information in the form of an indicator dashboard supported by the DTA (Digital Transformation Agency).

Releasing the interim Framework, Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation, Angus Taylor, said it will be key to the Government’s commitment to continuous improvement through City Deals, agreements between the Commonwealth, state or territory, and relevant local governments to undertake investments, planning changes, reforms and other policies in a city, to deliver the objectives of the Smart Cities Plan.

The Framework interim report, developed after a period of consultation and workshopping, sets out and explains the choice of indicators to be used for each of the priority policy areas.

Liveability and Sustainability indicators include:

  • Air quality

  • Access to urban green space

  • Gross parkland area

  • Residential water use

  • Greenhouse gas emissions per capita

  • Life expectancy

  • Indigenous life expectancy

  • Adult obesity rate

  • Violent crime rate

  • Share in the bottom income decile

  • Socio-Economic Indexes For Areas (SEIFA)

  • Support in times of crisis

  • Suicide rate

  • Perceived safety

Feedback can be provided on the Interim Report until 18 August 2017 using the online feedback form available here.

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