Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and ACT sign Climate Leadership Declaration

The governments of Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and the ACT have signed a Climate Leadership Declaration, outlining the steps they are currently taking in response to climate change and committing to a range of undertakings for the future.

The Declaration was signed at a meeting with the former Vice-President of the United States, Al Gore, at the Ecocity World Summit in Melbourne on Thursday, July 13th.

Amongst the next steps that the four jurisdictions signed up to are:

  • continue to support and encourage strong and effective climate action at the local, state and national level, including through the Climate Action Roundtable and other Ministerial forums;

  • support the orderly transition to a clean, secure, reliable and affordable energy system for all Australians, including by collaborating across energy and climate change portfolios to agree a response to the Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Energy Market (the Finkel Review), and a pathway for joint implementation;

  • continue to work together to improve energy productivity through the implementation of the National Energy Productivity Plan, including measures to improve the efficiency of the built environment;

  • Work in partnership through the Australian Climate Knowledge and Innovation Community (Climate KIC Australia) – a new collaboration linking businesses, entrepreneurs, research, investors and governments – to address the climate challenge and capitalise on the global opportunities this presents;

  • share knowledge and expertise with our counterparts overseas, including through active membership of The Climate Group's States and Regions Alliance and the Under2 Coalition;

  • consider opportunities for multi-state collaboration, procurement and use of electric and zero emissions vehicles and the provision of charging infrastructure.

Discussions on matters in the Declaration will continue at the next meeting of the Climate Action Roundtable in Adelaide, with a view to the states meeting later in the year to agree to priorities and actions for subnational and trans-Pacific collaboration on climate change.

The Climate Leadership Declaration is available here.

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