NAB AND CEFC announce further $180M for energy efficient assets

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation is committing an additional $180 million to the NAB Energy Efficient Bonus program, following its success in helping Australian businesses transform their energy use.

The CEFC has now committed $300 million to the program, which was launched in 2015 with an initial $120 million commitment from the CEFC.

The Energy Efficient Bonus program provides customers with a 0.7% discount on NAB’s standard equipment finance rate for loans for eligible clean energy investments, such as vehicles, energy efficient irrigation systems, solar PV, building upgrades, lighting upgrades, processing line improvements and refrigeration.

CEFC head of portfolio management Paul Greenop said the program had already provided finance for more than 1,000 clean energy assets across Australia.

“We are pleased to provide further finance for this highly successful program, which is making it easier for businesses to tap into the benefits of energy efficient, renewable energy and low emissions technologies,” Greenop said.

“Accelerating the uptake of these technologies helps businesses across the country reduce their grid energy costs as well as lower their carbon emissions. At the same time, investments in new clean energy technologies can boost productivity through more efficient operating practices.”

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